Development of Knowledge and Skills

  • EXCURSIONS :-Every class visits places of interest in the cityand is taken to exhibitions, plays and films on the classics. Parents associated with the important educational institutions, industries, mills and other business concerns are requested to help us to arrange these visits that prove both instructive and interesting.
  • BIENNIAL CONCERT/EXHIBITION : Every alternate year we stage a concert or exhibition for our parents and every parent should make it a point to attend the show and encourage the young participants.
  • LIBRARY FACILITIES :-Each class has a small library of bookssuitable for the particular age group. Many deluxe and expensive volumes of encyclopedias are kept in the general library for students for reference. We subscribe to informational, educational magazines, which students can read during the school hours.
  • RAPID READERS :-To stimulate a love for reading and to helpchildren appreciate the great classics of English Literature, we have included in our curriculum well known novels and short stories in each class. Abridged versions of novels by foreign and Indian authors are used as Rapid Readers.

Physical/Outdoor Activities

  • GAMES :- To make children healthy and strong we have made games and P.T. compulsory for all classes. Students are also taught how to play Football, Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball as well as indoor games like Chess, Table - Tennis and Carrom. Interhouse tournaments are held in all these games so that a spirit of healthy competition is generated.
  • SPORTS :- To stimulate enthusiasm in sports through competition, we conduct a Sports Meet every year. Training for the track and field events is imparted during Games period.
  • YOGA :- To improve concentration and alertness and to make the body supple, Yoga Asanas are taught to the students of primary classes.
  • KARATE :- Students are trained by professionals in this striking martial arts. This helps the students in the following: Self-Defense, Fitness, Confidence, Coordination, Focus, Discipline.


  • HOUSE SYSTEM :-There are four Houses in the school. All thestudents from class I to class X are in one of the four Houses and they remain in the same House right through their school career. The main objective of the House System is to inculcate a sense of unity, pride and belonging. More importantly it develops a sense of collective responsibility that motivates them to put in their best efforts to raise their house flag high in all Inter-House Competitions. The Houses are named after the Gods and Goddesses of Greek mythology.

    Diana (Blue)


    The Moon Goddess

    Athena (Green)


    The Goddess of Wisdom

    Eros (Red)


    The God of Love

    Apollo (Yellow)


    The Sun God

    Each House is headed by a House Mistress / House Master and the House Captains. This helps to develop a spirit of teamwork and coordination.

  • COMPETITIONS :- To bring out the talents that are lying dormantin most children we hold many competitions in dramatics, games and sports, debates, elocution, quiz, art, craft etc. To encourage all the areas of skill & talent, a creativity contest is held. Our main endeavour is to develop in the child a well-rounded personality.
  •  ASSEMBLY PROGRAMME :- Assembly Programmes area weekly affair. Tuesday assemblies are House assemblies conducted by the Secondary Section and Thursday assemblies are Class assemblies conducted by the Primary Section. A wide array of topics are discussed and skits, songs, dances, presentations and poems are presented.. Students and teachers give talks on various religious festivals, important current events, good values and good behaviour. This helps the children to become good citizens and also brings about a feeling of national integration and awareness of the world around us. Children are called upon to narrate their experiences of the educational tours and camps they have attended. Besides these, eminent speakers are invited to address the students. They are encouraged to makes peeches,  introduce and thank guest speakers, thus gaining valuable practice in public speaking and leadership.
  • EDUCATIONAL TOURS AND CAMPS :- Trips are arrangedevery year to places of historical interest outside Mumbai, and several camps and hikes are organised to enable children to learn the lessons of community life.
  • HOME WORK :-Students are expected to do their home workevery day as set by their teachers.
  • BOOKS AND OTHERS MATERIALS :- All books including Art,Craft and S.U.P.W. material should be brought to school according to the daily time table.
  • If a pupil is persistently insubordinate or is guilty of any malpractice or misbehaviour, he/she will be expelled from the school.
  • A pupil, who habitually forgets to bring his/her textbooks, exercise books or neglects his/her study, will be suspended from school for a specified period.
  • Students are expected to keep the school premises clean. All litter should be deposited in dust-bins provided and must not be thrown on the ground or into the garden.
  • Students should be careful of all school property. There should not be ink-stains on the floors, nor any marks caused by carelessness on the wall.
  • Breakage should be reported at once to the Class teacher concerned.
  • Events / Celebrations
    Investiture Ceremony
    Mentor’s Day
    Guru Poornima Celebration
    Grandparents day
    Dance Day
    Independence Day
    Teachers’ Day Celebration
    Annual Day / Annual Exhibition
    Sports Day
    Republic Day
    Farewell Assembly for Std X
    Farewell party – Std X.