‘The will to win the desire to succeed … the urge to reach your full potential these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence’ as rightly said by Eddie Robinson.
We, at Gopal Sharma International School believe in this philosophy , and it has indeed propelled our momentum.

Our teachers are more like facilitators who guide their students into understanding and application of knowledge imparted. Thus ‘True Learning’ begins. The laurels achieved by our students of ICSE , year after year has certainly shown the discovery. Our whole approach to school education is ‘child-centric.’

For our students we open up windows and their eyes light up as learning dawns on them and they smile through school; for our parents , we give them assurance that we are grooming their children to learn to think, decide, reflect and judge independently. This is all possible because of all the facilities that the school provides for their mental and physical development. From spacious and airy classrooms, to well-equipped labs and computer labs., well-stocked library with Audio Visual Room, large playgrounds and to top it all a large cool swimming pool to relax in.

A sincere thanks to the Management of the school - our Managing Trustee, Mr. Prashant Sharma and our Trustee Mrs. Manju Sharma who have always been great pillars of strength in all our endeavors. Their whole-hearted support and positive involvement has given us great zeal to move ahead.

A big THANK YOU to the parents for being so very supportive and ever ready to stand by us in all our endeavours. Please remember this is your school and it is your child who will be greatest benefactor of this great institution.

Dr. (Mrs.) Gool Ghadiali